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One Week Until Our New Study

I have to admit, I'm super excited about this new study we are about to do. I've already been studying a lot in regards to the book of Ephesians and want to get everyone ready for what to expect.

First of all, I love history, and I believe that it is important when we are reading the scriptures. Far too often when we read the Bible, we impart our modern day view into the scriptures and when we do this we miss out on what the writers are trying to tell us. Therefore for our first session, we will be looking at Paul, the Apostle and the historical context in which he found the City of Ephesus.

As we journey forward from there, we will look at our own identity. Who we are? How God created us? And eventually get to the point where we will look at practical implications of our identity and how it should effect our everyday lives.

Therefore please, read the book of Ephesians, at least a couple of times and take the time to prepare yourself. Below you will see some of the items that will be needed for our first session.

Ephesus Theatre

Items Needed:

A Bible

A Notebook

*The Blueprint: Finding Your Spiritual Purpose by Peter Cusick & Nancy (Warwick) Kingdon

(The Blueprint is optional, but I will be referring to it throughout the study.)

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