We are a church that believes in partnering with others to help spread the work of Christ throughout the world. Together is better, and together we can make a difference. As we do this, we also believe in developing relationships with our partners, in hopes that our unifying relationship will show strength in numbers. Below is a list of our partners and their most recent updates.

Recent Update

Trevor Gingerich - Humber College


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Les & Lois Paulsen Les & Lois Paulsen - International

Kathy Mizen Kathy Mizen - Honduras (Schools of Hope)

Breanne Pierce de Guardado Breanna Pierce de Guardado - El Salvador

Julius & Jade Kenyamanyara Julius & Jade Kenyamanyara - Tanzania Villages of Hope

Trevor Gingerich Trevor Gingerich - Humber College

Mary Pinkston - SIM Canada (Peru)

Doug Springer Doug Springer - Christian Mission Resource Centre

Missions and Kids - MAK Missions and Kids (MAK)

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